The 15 Best Trainers You Can Buy Right Now


Men's trainers have gone from sportswear to staple in the past decade. Thanks to the rise of athleisure trends, as well increasingly casual dress codes, these shoes are no longer just for working out. Which means you probably need more than one style.

You probably already have a pair of gym trainers in your repertoire. But, for just how long exactly have they been lingering in your kit bag? If you're an avid runner, you should be replacing yours every six to twelve months in order to prevent injury. Once the fit has loosened and the sole worn down, your foot is no longer getting sufficient support.

Unless you work in a super corporate setting, or you prefer to pound pavements in squeaky-clean loafers, then you probably need a second pair of trainers for your weekend wardrobe. Every stylish man knows the appeal of a white leather style, which is why sales of Gucci's Ace sneakers and Alexander McQueen's platform trainers have skyrocketed in the past few years. It's the mixture of comfort with understated chic that keeps us coming back to these simple styles – the kind that work with everything from trousers suits and chinos to jeans. But, don't worry, you don't have to buy designer to get this kind of look, there are plenty of affordable lookalikes on the high street.

But if you're a fuss-free man, with no time to waste shoe shopping, you're in luck: sporty silhouettes and chunky, technical trainers are in. Which means you can invest in a do-it-all pair to take you from the gym to the pub. We must warn you, though, these babies will need daily airing to prevent them