Designed for the fitness crowd, this Union STREET neoprene workout bag maximizes the overall durability of the bag with 840D nylon

17 agosto 2019

A complete fitness training includes warm-up, formal training, relaxation and supplemental nutrition. For an experienced fitness person, a training will use a lot of different equipment. All training packages that can be equipped with equipment are absolutely essential. At the same time, people who insist on fitness for a long time are also the best embodiment of strict self-discipline. For such a good person, how can the training backpack be easily selected?

Fitness training bags should not only be able to hold protective gear, equipment, supplements and other daily essentials, but also reflect the unique side of the fitness group. It is best to carry a training package to let people know that we are long-term adherence. Fitness, strict talents who are strict with themselves. Today, I recommend several training kits for you to go back to the gym.

1. ACME MADE Union STREET Neoprene Fitness Backpack

ACME MADE is a brand that started as an electronic equipment package and has been well received by many electronics enthusiasts in the circle. Designed for the fitness crowd, this Union STREET neoprene workout bag maximizes the overall durability of the bag with 840D nylon. Super smooth StretchShellNeoprene fabric, don't worry about getting dirty when you are in the gym. The top has an extra long zip for easy access. Side straps feature straps that are tied to a private mat with a yoga mat or foam shaft. At present, you can choose Haitao, the price is 400-600 yuan moderate ~

2. UNDER ARMOUR Undeiable 3.0 Sport Shoulder Bag

Needless to say, this section has been recommended many times, and the price is generally around 200 yuan. This model is cost-effective, Storm waterproof technology, HeatGear shoulder strap. With dry and wet separation system, you can put shoes and change clothing. Brands don't need to introduce too much~

3. Under Armour Angmar Rock Vanish Training Kit

This is the signature of the Under Armour brand Rock Vanish, or it can be said to be a series. Rock Vanish needless to say, with the name of the fitness madness, just the logo on the bag can make you the focus of the gym. Can carry shoulders and diagonals. With a notebook compartment, large capacity, rich in details, although I also like Rock, but this price is still a bit expensive. It is acceptable to have a small series of around 600. What do you think?

4. GASP DUFFELBAG XL Portable + Backpack 2-in-1 Fitness Bodybuilding Training Bag

GASP brand professional fitness (body more accurate) clothing equipment brand, there are many Olympic players endorsement, his home clothes if the arm is not 45CM is best not to wear, because the control can not. GASP DUFFELBAG XL is a master product, a dual-use, thickened buckle, showing the true color of the muscle, the bottom of the package is vinyl, strong wear.